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The #1 in der Region:

  • Highest quality of treatment
  • Highest patient satisfaction
  • Lowest costs

The latest ANQ results from 2023 impressively demonstrate that we live up to our quality standards:

With an average rating of 4.48/5 (Swiss average 4.21) in terms of quality of treatment, we are ranked first among all clinics in the region and in the top 5 in Switzerland. More on the ANQ results under "Patient satisfaction - external measurement".

Thanks to our exclusive focus on orthopaedics, we are highly specialised in the conservative and surgical treatment of acute injuries and chronic overuse of the upper and lower extremities. Thanks to our university approach - all doctors are permanently employed, no attending physicians - and our consistent discussion of all operations in the medical board, we are able to realise our very high quality standards in the best possible way. We are the only private clinic in the region to be recognised as a training centre for orthopaedic surgery (B - Cantonal Hospital level).

Patient satisfaction is extremely important to us and goes hand in hand with the long-term recovery of our patients. In order to fulfil this quality requirement, the satisfaction of our inpatients is measured both externally every two years and regularly internally. In general, the patient's assessment of the quality of service is an important quality indicator.

The surveys of the Swiss National Association for Quality Development in Hospitals and Clinics (ANQ) are now conducted every two years in September and published in the following year. The following patient satisfaction results for 2023 therefore represent the most recent data.

Key question (1= unsatisfactory, 5= excellent)




How would you rate the quality of the treatment?




Did you receive clear answers to your questions?




How did you feel about the length of your hospital stay?*

*Percentage of people who answered "exactly right"




Further details can be found here (in German only):

99% of our patients recommend us to others!

According to our own surveys, patients are very satisfied with our services. We take suggestions for improvement seriously and implement them promptly wherever possible. The latest survey results from the last four months are shown below (results only available in German).

Minimising the risk of infection in hip and knee prostheses.

On behalf of and in collaboration with ANQ, Swissnoso, the National Centre for Infection Prevention, records and monitors the development of post-operative wound infections during inpatient procedures in Swiss acute-care hospitals. The Rennbahnklinik offers hip and knee prosthetics in its portfolio.

The ANQ also collects statistics on rehospitalisations, falls and decubitus ulcers (bedsores), which are negligible at the Rennbahn Clinic anyway due to the short length of stay following orthopaedic surgery.

The Federal Price Supervisor is creating additional transparency for patients with the tariff overview. As the most cost-effective clinic in the region, we very much welcome this step - see for yourself. High quality does not necessarily have to be associated with high costs.

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