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Physiotherapy is an integral component of the Rennbahnklinik's range of medical treatment services. Our experienced team of over 20 therapists provides pre- and post-operative treatment to both in-patients and outpatients. We are there to support our patients as they recuperate from acute injury and return to everyday life.

Our patients include professional athletes from various countries and disciplines, as well as patients from our own region. A particular focus of our treatment services is placed on post-treatment of acute sporting injuries and chronic damage caused by overuse.

Through our targeted use of a range of active and passive treatment methods, we help the recovery process proceed as quickly and effectively as possible – helping our patients to return to their sporting and everyday activities as quickly as possible. This requires a specific rehabilitation programme, which also forms the basis of injury prevention – an aspect of sports medicine that we view as a particularly high priority.

Our treatments (currently available in German only)

  • Sportphysiotherapie (ESP, SPT)
  • Medical Athletic Coaching
  • Taping (Stabilisierende Tapes, Kinesiotaping, myofasziales Taping)
  • Manuelle Therapie (Maitland, Sohier, Kaltenborn Evjenth, Mulligan, FOI)
  • Manuelle Triggerpunkttherapie und Dry Needling
  • Faszientherapie (FDM, FOFT, Flossing)