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The research department supports the competencies of the Rennbahnklinik with its scientific work and thus contributes to improving the treatment of patients. Our research activities continuously lead to new findings for the treatment and rehabilitation of orthopedic patients and strengthen our internationally recognized expertise and networking.

The Rennbahnklinik works in an evidence-based manner and conducts scientific studies with a wide range of focal points. This includes validation studies as well as applied and basic research studies in the fields of orthopedics, traumatology, neurology and sports science. Our research strategy borrows from the theory- and method-driven search for generalizable, scientific findings. Depending on the study design, we evaluate the causes, therapy, prevention or epidemiology of musculoskeletal damage. In this context, we maintain intensive, interdisciplinary collaborations with university and industrial partners

Current scientific research focuses are:

  • Optimization of return-to-sport and return-to-work after cruciate ligament injuries
  • Investigation of dynamic knee joint changes (varus thrust) in patients with high tibial osteotomy
  • Analysis of specific gait characteristics and joint forces in patients with osteoarthritis and knee joint replacements
  • Investigation of specific molecular endotypes in osteoarthritis
  • Investigation of the effects of EMG-assisted feedback training after surgical procedures
  • Development and validation of sport-specific performance tests
  • Biomechanical and neuromuscular changes in patients after primary Achilles tendonoplasty
  • Advanced prognostic models based on mathematical analysis to predict patient outcome and work disability

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