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Rennbahnklinik Hauptempfang:
Tel. +41 61 465 64 64
Fax +41 61 465 64 69

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Important: Where possible, we kindly request that patients bring their medical documents with them to the appointment (medical reports, X-ray scans / MRT / CT scans etc.). This will ensure that the appointment and diagnosis proceed as smoothly as possible.

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Tel. +41 61 465 64 44
Fax +41 61 465 64 49

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Tel. +41 61 465 64 99

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Tel. +41 61 465 63 00

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General information

Types of stay

A distinction is made between outpatient and in-patient stays at the Rennbahnklinik, dependent upon the length of stay. This differentiation affects the coverage of costs made by your insurance provider.

Coverage of costs by your insurance provider

If you have appropriate insurance coverage, your insurance provider will cover the costs for consultations, examinations, operations and other services provide by the Rennbahnklinik, as well as any pre-treatments or post-treatments provided to you as an outpatient. Any costs for specific examinations or medications not covered by basic insurance will generally be covered by supplementary insurance. If you do not hold supplementary insurance, you will be required to cover the costs yourself.

Supplementary insurance

If you are covered by supplementary insurance (semi-private or private), you generally have access to all services and benefits provided by the Rennbahnklinik.
Please note that supplementary insurance includes many different products that may severely restrict your personal freedom of choice. For example, some providers of supplementary insurance may have specified lists of clinics and hospitals, therefore limiting your ability to choose where you receive treatment. If you feel it is important to receive treatment from the doctor and institution of your choice, please ensure that you select supplementary insurance without restrictions.


If your stay is covered by your insurance provider, but you would wish to make use of additional services such as an upgrade to a one-bed or two-bed room, the Rennbahnklinik offers you a variety of options. You are able to arrange your stay according to your personal requirements.

Schedule of rates

Find here the current schedule of rates.