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  • Measure pressure
  • Observe running style
  • Improve your running technique

Every running style is different. Overloading due to incorrect loads and positions is not uncommon. Due to this fact, Functional Diagnostics offers various types of running analysis:

  • Gait & pressure analysis (without video)
  • 2D gait & running analysis
  • 3D gait & running analysis

Gait & pressure analysis

Pressure sensors are used to measure the pressure under the feet while walking on the treadmill. This type of running analysis makes it possible to identify incorrect loads.


SFr. 80.-


30 minutes

2D gait & running analysis 

In addition to gait and pressure analysis, 2D gait and running analysis uses cameras to observe abnormalities in running style. This allows incorrect loads to be discovered and running technique to be optimised.


SFr. 200.-


60 minutes

3D gait & running analysis 

The most holistic method of running analysis is 3D gait & running analysis. Sensors are used to record detailed information on gait and walking technique in three dimensions. This includes complex running patterns, allowing weak points to be identified and incorrect loads to be prevented.


SFr. 350.-


120 minutes

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