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Tennis analysis

Our Functional Diagnostics team has developed biomechanical analyses specifically for tennis players to help optimise performance - and more importantly - minimise the potential for future injury and overuse damage.

The tennis analyses are tailored to the needs of junior, amateur and top tennis players.

Playing tennis healthily

  • Identify future problems
  • Avoid injuries and overloads
  • Implement kinematic chain optimally
  • Optimise performance

The tennis analysis

  • 10 cameras in the hall
  • 45 markers on the body
  • 360° view thanks to digital twin
  • Calculation of movements incl. velocity, angles and forces

The procedure

  • Warm Up
  • 1 hour analysis of different stroke types (forehand, backhand, service)
  • Discussion and exchange with player & coach
  • Comparison with the world's best tennis players

Tennis day 2022

On 14 September 2022, the tennis day will take place at TAB in Aesch. You can secure one of the few places now.

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