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The Rennbahnklinik is the national market leader in the field of biomechanics. We use state-of-the-art biomechanical measuring methods to record the patient's movements, external strength and muscle activity.

Our specialists analyse the results to gain insights into the cause of injury, enabling them to better control and manage the treatment process. We combine biomechanical findings from cycling, running and gait analysis to gain a functional understanding of the patient's movement. This enables us to tackle the causes of the injury – not just the symptoms. The patient benefits from the close collaboration between the biomechanics department, surgeons, physiotherapists and orthopaedics technicians. This expertise is also directly incorporated into the advice we provide on therapeutic, running and sports shoes.

Our expertise

The Rennbahnklinik's biomechanics expertise is utilised by external doctors, hospitals and institutions across the country. Biomechanical measurement methods are often requested to provide expertise – either by attending doctors or insurance companies.

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